Empowering Lives Through Education

A Private Nonprofit School

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The Learning Academy of San Antonio is Here!

Continuing to deliver quality education to students for the betterment of themselves, their families, and our communities.

Important News: Next Graduation is June 22, 2024

Enrollment for the June 2024 graduation opens in January, 2024. Stay tuned. 

IMPORTANT NEWS: Next Graduation is June 22, 2024

Click the Graduation Registration Tab under the EVENTS page for info.

Dr. John A. Soto

In Memorium

Dr. John A. Soto
Aug. 2, 1945 - Aug. 24, 2022

Gracias Dr. Soto!

Dr. John A. Soto served as Superintendent for our school since its inception in 2014. His dedication to education was his motivator in creating a school that would provide an opportunity for those who were seeking better futures. The Board of Directors and school staff would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Dr. Soto for his service and dedication and continue to honor him by carrying on his legacy of empowering lives through education. We will always keep him in our memory, and he will forever live in our hearts and through our work. Rest in Peace, Dr. Soto.

Welcome to Your Future


Please call one of the following phone numbers during regular business hours (Monday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) for information and assistance with:

  • Applications and Enrollments
  • Assignments and Materials
  • Tutoring Requests
  • Payment Information

Parents and students: for the continued safety of our students and staff, we will continue to ask that you wear masks anytime you visit our office.

No mask, No service, No exceptions.

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The Learning Academy of San Antonio's Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare individuals for a successful transition into higher education, training, or employment through the acquisition of their high school diplomas. Through guidance and support, our students will achieve their goals, which will positively impact their lives, the lives of their families, and our communities.

Curriculum recognized by Texas HB 944

One-on-One Tutoring

High School Diploma and Official Transcripts Awarded Upon Completion

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Registration Information

To register, you need the following:

  • Picture I.D.
  • Social Security Card
  • Official transcript from prior school (if available)
  • If under 18, you will also need:
  • Birth Certificate
  • Parent or Guardian Permission
  • Parent Picture I.D.

Call or email us today to find out more about how to earn your high school diploma through our Academy. We are helping future leaders achieve their goals. Let us help you become the leader you were meant to be.

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Why Choose the Learning Academy?

The Learning Academy's goal is to prepare each student for academic achievement and professional development. By developing critical thinking skills through our curriculum and guidelines, students can choose courses to create an appropriate learning profile.

We assist students in mastering the core subjects to successfully earn their high school diploma and move ahead with personal and professional life goals.

Throughout their learning, students will have the opportunity to develop ideas, recognize their potential, and achieve success beyond high school. We recognize the need for learners of all ages to have the support and tools necessary to succeed. Our commitment to our students is genuine, and we strive every day to assist by "empowering lives through education."

Tutoring Available

Tutoring is provided at no additional cost. Our instructors provide one-on-one instruction in order to assist each student in achieving their goal of earning their diploma and moving forward with their goals. Let us assist you with your plan for success by scheduling a tutoring appointment.

Tutoring Available
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For Tutoring or Registration Appointments

Click on the finger icon above to schedule an appointment for registration or tutoring. If you schedule an on-site appointment, be sure to bring all necessary paperwork and wear a mask.

We Are With Robb Elementary. Uvalde Strong

We Are With Robb Elementary. Uvalde Strong!

Please remember those lives that were lost and pray for the families who are grieving. Thank you.